The Independence Of The Single Mother Essay

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The independence of the single mother will set the tone for how her children from a divorced family will be raised, educated, and overall value of life. When the mother chooses to be more than just an divorced mother, she will make better choice as to how to raise her children and lead her family after the divorce whether the father has a heavy presence or not.
There are several state and local government, corporations, colleges and universities, and other non-profit agencies, who support the independence of single mothers. If mothers would like to attend college, there are several local and government scholarships to assist financially (Hildebrandt, 2009).
In most cases, immediate family support is granted by the extended family. This will help the mother with the overload of responsibilities of single parenting. An alternative or supplement to paid employment and or paid or unpaid child support for single parents is public assistance in the form of Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF). Although, many mother do not like the fact of receiving state assistance it can assist long term or short term. Single mother try to get off assistance as soon as possible due to welfare programs seeming to want mother to stay in the program. In some states, in order for the non-custodial parent to receive state assistance the non-custodial parent must be on court order child support (Hildebrandt, 2009).
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Daughters of employed mothers…

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