The Improbable Figure Runs Through The Pitch Black Empty Hall

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The improbable figure runs through the pitch black empty hall way, clicking her heels along the course concrete floor. She slams the cellar door, closing with a loud thunder that runs through the entire house. Desperately, she runs her hands through her thick black hair, unable to stop crying. She 's being driven insane by ghostly figures that flourish inside her mind, clinging to the air like smoke. The same smoke that filled her dads lungs. The same smoke that painted his own daughter into a mere colorless and warped character in his life. How can someone that claims to love you end up hurting you that much?

All Emilia wanted was to be acknowledged by her father, but once again he denied seeing her as his own. One would be confused as to why her father would ever treat her with such disdain. Emilia was a marvelous individual. She was the leader in group work, the person you go to when you 're having problems understanding math and the warm hearted individual who 'd lend you a shoulder to cry on. She was an exquisite mix of everything you could ever ask for in a perfect human being. She was the A+ student who would pass by teachers and evoke a bright smile on their faces, as if she was the reason their jobs were worth all the turmoil. As if the contrast from her blazing brown eyes made them realize that the world was everything but achromatic; it was not a shade of black, green or blue, but every single hue never developed from mind to print. You could only imagine how…

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