The Bass And Sheila Mant Analysis

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Arub Akram Due Date: Thursday 24th
Journal 1

I am reading “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D. Wetherell. The story is about a fourteen-year-old boy, with a love for fishing and a crush on the seventeen-year-old girl next door. His love for Sheila soon comes into conflict with his passion for fishing. In this Journal I will be looking at his choice between his two loves and how it turns out for him.

As I go on with the story I see that the narrator has to make a choice between the bass or Sheila, so I wonder which one? Maybe he’ll pick the bass.One reason is because he invests a lot of time in fishing. Putting a rod in the the water is described as second nature to him. Another reason is because he fished even before
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The first word that pops into my head is considerate. Throughout the story the boy has shown to be very caring. This is especially true with his attitude towards Sheila. He held Sheila up on a very high pedestal, noticing even the tiniest of things, like when she wanted to be bothered or not. He caught on to most of her moods simply by watching her sunbathe. When he conjured up enough courage to finally ask her out, he made sure to make the canoe especially comfortable. Polishing it, setting up cushions, and even making sure that she had music to listen to. Finally he hid his love of fishing, so as not to have her be disappointed. As I mentioned earlier, he even decided to let go of the bass he had so desperately wanted. Of course I feel another word to describe his actions. I think he was also very naive. One reason is because he thought so highly of Sheila. She most likely didn’t want to ‘date’ him because she was seventeen, while the narrator was only fourteen. Even without knowing much about her personally, he fell in love with her. Lastly, he did everything he could for her, without considering his own feelings, or whether Sheila actually cared about his interests. The boy assumed that she would be disappointed with his interest in fishing, when in reality, she herself only seemed to dislike fishing, not caring if he liked fishing, or not. This is why I feel the narrator was considerate, while at the same time a bit naive. As the story ended, though, he seemed to learn an important lesson about hiding his true

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