Yog Positive Impact On Physical, Mental, And Physical Health

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Papers. Midterms. Finals. The number of stressors present in a modern college setting is endless, with the actual causes being unique to every individual. One of the biggest challenges for students, therefore, is finding a way to manage everyday stress in order to make their time in the school more fulfilling and to care for their own personal mental and physical health. That can manifest itself in sports, music, and even leisure reading. I found my own way of handling stress through yoga, finding a dramatic positive increase in my own physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Yoga has, most obviously, has had a immense positive impact on my physical health. I found that I myself have become more flexible in my everyday life. I noticed firstly when I bent over to pick something up. There was no strain in my legs and I didn’t have to bend my knees considerably in order to reach the floor. At that
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Through the practice I’ve learned of many of the basic pillars that support it. The many morals and rules that encompass the entirety of yoga has truly had a positive impact on my own spiritual health. Although I do not view it from a religious perspective, I have come to find a guiding sense of meaning and value that guide throughout my day. Also, due to the reduced physical and mental stress, I am able to adhere to the guidelines I set for myself. I am less likely, further, to let my emotions take a hold of how I live which makes me go about following the meanings and values I have adopted from the practice of yoga. Reflecting on who I was before the class and now, I find that there has been a marked change in how I view the events around me. Essentially, I do not allow negative emotions from certain events to manipulate me but mold such emotions to a more positive, constructive form. It has become of upmost importance, for me, to take a step back and take a breath in order to view situation with

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