Yoga Mental Health Benefits

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Yoga: Physical and mental health benefits of yoga
How has yoga helped people throughout the world? Yoga is an ancient practice that came from India. Yoga most likely developed around the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. Yoga is famous all around the world because it has helped improve many people’s lives. Yoga has many physical and mental benefits: it relieves stress, increases flexibility, and improves circulation.
One of the mental benefits of yoga is that it relieves stress. Yoga "creates physical response in the body and can be managed with yoga” (Seriff 2). “Yoga is one of the few stress-relief tools that has positive effect on all body systems.” (Seriff 4) “Yoga promotes relaxation, which is opposite of stress.” (Seriff 2) “Yoga enhances
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Yoga can help students by making them focus in school. Yoga is for everyone and any age. Yoga Increases flexibility, strength and tone muscle, and etc. Improving flexibility is one of the most benefits of yoga. During the first day of yoga class a person probably wont be able to touch his or her toe. But if the person stick with it, they will get a very good result. Such pains like back pains will start to disappear. One of the very good benefits of yoga is that it helps to build muscle strength, which can help to protect the person from back pain and arthritis. Building strength through yoga balance with …show more content…
It stretches the muscles and tone it up. Yoga is a great thing that will only take a few minutes to do everyone. If the person can 't do yoga everyday then it will be great to do it at least five times a week. Some yoga poses help tone up the person 's body.
Yoga can help the person to reach their fitness goal and be a very healthy lifestyle that can help the person have a healthier and longer life. Yoga is a type of exercise that a person can do anytime of the day at any place. Even if it 's for five minutes the person should get their yoga of the day that can put them in such better mood and helps the person having a great day.
Yoga helps people to clear their mind and focus more and can also put the person in a very great mood which will help the person to have a very good day ahead of them and that 's what everyone in this world wants, great happy days. Yoga can do that for people, it can give them a very good day that they can enjoy with family and friends. If a female does yoga during their period it will help them not feeling much pain that they a.ready feel. Over all yoga is a very great thing everyone can do for free. It helps improve bunch of things in person 's everyday life. Yoga helps with pains such as back and neck

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