Importance Of Weightlifting

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In the last couple of years, I have been weightlifting in the gym. I initially took it up to gain strength and a leaner physique at the behest of my boyfriend, but partial credit is owed to my mom, who always inspired me to do what I want and be strong. Weightlifting to me is very rewarding in that I gain physical strength and confidence, yet there 's no one to compete with but myself. It 's about personal goals and being my personal best--not just physically but in all aspects of my life. Though traditionally weightlifting was solely for men, recently more and more women are getting into it. It is definitely a way in which I empower myself, as well as working to break down gender-barriers. Though weightlifting is gaining popularity among …show more content…
Even its ' founders were male. In the East, there is a whole culture of males dedicated to the practice and progress of Yoga. They are called Yogi 's. While it is not uncommon for women in eastern cultures to practice Yoga, in western societies, Yoga is a female dominated activity. I enjoy Yoga because it is relaxing, it allows me the unique opportunity to connect with my spiritual self, to relieve physical tension and to meditate until my mind is in a clear state. The origins of Yoga promote balance in the self as well as many other health benefits, which I have personally experienced. Often, I am too masculine (I 'm ambitious, logical, action-oriented, etc.) and Yoga helps me to realign with my usually neglected feminine side. I have never felt the pressure to conform to societies expectations of gender, but rather I enjoy expressing various facets of myself regardless of whether they 're masculine or feminine based. I embrace my gender non-conformity because it is infinitely more important that I remain true to myself than to ever fit someone 's idealistic mold of who I should be. To society, I am a rebel in the most subtle way, yet I do not feel rebellious for blurring the lines of gender roles--I feel happy, and that 's something everyone should strive

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