Benefits Of Yoga Essay

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The Health Benefits of Yoga
Yoga ensures many benefits to one’s health, both mentally and physically speaking. While this is key to its popularity in the United States (where Hatha Yoga, composed of elaborate stretches and poses, is the one most commonly practiced), the testimony of practitioners to its benefits are, indeed, as old as Yoga, itself. Indeed the establishment of Yogic practices as, at least, complementary to the health and wellness of human beings is nothing new to history. And as time continues, it seems Yoga is becoming more and more a part of one’s healthcare in the west. This being the case, the following essay will briefly survey: 1) some of the background on Yoga’s formal practice; 2) some of the various health
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It is really a practice of engaging one’s whole person--and lifestyle--to promote general well-being.
Indeed, this is nothing new. The practice of Yoga has long been seen as medicinal—both mentally and physically, as well as spiritually (for some). Its practice is by nature, holistic: going beyond simply making someone more physically fit, or more calm and focused--but instilling in them the positive, life-affirming, and healthy intentions to maintain the integrity of their
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In addition to helping improve musculoskeletal, cardio, and other systems of the body, some of the mental health benefits of Yoga include increased ability to manage stress, improve self esteem, increase focus and more (American Osteopathic Association, 2016). And indeed, the more one can live and function with ease, the better they can handle the countless stressors in their day without negatively affecting their

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