My Life As A Writer

One thing about teaching other how to write is letting them write about a topic that they are passionate about. When I was in high school our writing was very structured… outline, rough draft, and finally our final essay. I don’t believe that is the way writing should be. The reason I believe writing should be taught like that comes straight from personal experience. When I was forced to write so organized; which can be very helpful but I didn’t feel it was helpful in this setting; in my senior English class, I didn’t thrive. The reason for that was because the topics I was forced to write about were things I wasn’t interested in; therefore, I didn’t want to give it my all. Another reason why it was really hard for me to write high school essays …show more content…
It’s step one, step two, back to step one to fix some ideas and then again to step two, over and over again until the final writing piece is exactly where the writer wants it to be. Murray talks about the writing process in her essay, “The writing process itself can be divided into three stages: prewriting, writing, and rewriting. The amount of time that a writer spends in each stage depends on his personality, his work habits, his maturity as a craftsman, and the challenge of what he is trying to say…” (Murray). He then goes on to say that each step isn’t going to be perfectly polished, but that is the beauty of writing because when you write it gives the writer to understand what he/she needs to improve, until eventually the writer is satisfied with their piece. In the essay ‘Shitty First Drafts’ Lamott says, “Very few writers really know what they are doing until they have done it…They do not type a few stiff warm-up sentences and then find themselves bounding along like huskies across the snow…” (Lamott). The great thing about being able to write first, second and third drafts is the fact that they can be awful because no one is going to see them except for you, it’s a safe space to let all of your worst ideas out. Until one day you’re looking through you’re one hundred worst ideas and you discover your best idea, then you run with it. Even then it will take a lot of time to develop that idea into something worth turning in or

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