My Essay In My Writing

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When considering my own writing, I would say I am very capable of coming up with original ideas. My thoughts are creative, but I struggle to get all of my arguments into the essay. In my mind, I understand my thought and the reasons behind it. When I have to support claims in a written form I have a habit of sometimes leaving out a piece. I also have noticed repetitiveness and slight disorganization in the way that similar thoughts are sometimes split up throughout the essay.
Another issue I have observed is my inability to keep my writing short and to the point. I can be very wordy. Often I will write too similar to how I speak and think and it becomes lengthy. My peers have pointed this out when I would share writing pieces with them in past classes. After I am given advice it is easy to see how I could shorten unnecessarily long thoughts. I understand that some things could be written in a much shorter form and still get the same point across. It is hard to
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It does not bother me to see red lines. I like being able to go back and fix things because it is also a chance to improve the surrounding arguments. Additionally, I make an effort to include sentence variation in my essays. I like the effect it has on my writing. When the sentences are different lengths it makes the essay flow and sound better.
In the past when I was given a confusing assignment I used a strategy that I am not very proud of. I used to try to appeal to the grader’s interests when I was struggling. Though I think this was a bad route to take, it taught me a couple things. I learned that it was a lot harder to diverge from my own beliefs. If I wrote about an opinion I did not share, it was difficult to find evidence and make valid arguments. It took longer for me to figure out how I was going to support this viewpoint that I did not fully agree with sound like I did than to just write about what I

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