The Importance Of Work, Family, And Gender

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For our final assignment of the semester, we have been given the task of creating an autobiographical essay using five course concepts. Before I begin to go into much more detail, I believe it is important to start off with some simple definitions of work, family, and gender as it reflects on the courses name. Work is defined by Hannah Arendt as “the construction of a stable world of things, which become the basis for action” (138). Family is referred to by Friedrich Engels as the connection of multiple individuals which make up a whole (734). Finally, gender is defined as being “an institution that is embedded in all of the social processes of everyday life and social organizations” (Risman, 430). As a way of illustrating the concepts I have …show more content…
The first responsibility is the Community responsibility which Doucet defines as “ a range of responsibilities for connecting children of all ages with social institutions, including day care, schools”( 233). Basically meaning allowing your child to become a part of the social institutions around them. The second one is Moral Responsibility, where parents discussed why they did things in particular ways ( Doucet, 234). The last responsibility is emotional which can be looked at by understanding the emotional side of a person, such as a mother 's emotional reaction ( Doucet, 231). Parental Responsibilities are very important. As you can see if the parents follow all three of these responsibilities then they will be seen as top notch parents in Doucet 's eyes. When it comes to illustrating this concept of parental responsibilities, I can not help but to look back and realize that my parent 's parenting methods reflect on Doucet 's argument. Growing up, my parents gave me every opportunity to be socialized. On top of obviously enrolling me in school, I was involved in many activities such as ballet, soccer, basketball and rugby throughout the years. These activities allowed me to meet many friends and to become more socialized than I would by spending time at home. In terms of moral responsibility, if one of my brothers or myself got in trouble, my parents would sit down and talk about the consequences of our actions as a pair. They did this because they believed in coming up with the best and most fair punishment for us to do. When it comes to emotional responsibilities, my mother seemed to come out on top more in this category than my father. My mother was very good with her words and always tried to be as much as a support system as she could be. She always reminded us that she was there to talk, while my father would use the

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