Mistreatment Of Women In Pretenden By Crittenden

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Brief Summary
In this essay, Crittenden discusses how wives/mothers are often forgotten when thinking about the upbringing of a child and how they turn out. Obviously there is often a mother involved, but the work that a mother does to make sure her child is healthy, happy, and successful is often overlook and women tend to not receive the credit that they deserve. And it is not just within the household, it is within society in general and how anywhere, women often do not receive any credit for the great things that take place in this world. Summing it up would be that men take all the credit when often it is not deserved and that women are simply overlooked.

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I like this piece because it discusses topics that needed
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I think it could teach people to respect women more than they do now because the efforts that women have to make in society often goes unnoticed and this piece could open the eyes of some people who just do not understand us women. This could also be used in a discussion about how one is raised since it mentions how women are not often considered to be a contributing factor to how one is raised when it truly makes all the difference in the world. I think it could also be brought up when discussing sacrifices that women make but often is overlooked because as I have mentioned, women do most of the work with raising children as society expects them too but they will also quit their jobs or end their careers to raise children, losing that extra wage just so they can ensure that her child(ren) will be happy, healthy, successful. It is not that the father figure is accredited with that but it is such a vital role that often goes unnoticed. I think this could also be used on a discussion about good parenting because this essay brushes over that topic as well. Good parenting obviously consists of doing what is best for one’s child, which there does not exactly have to be two parents involved for that to happen, but good parenting can be achieved when both parents are involved and shares roles in a child’s life. It does not have to be the father working to provide and

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