The Importance Of War Over Slavery In The Civil War

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The topic I chose to analyze from the book Taking Sides is rather the Civil War fought over slavery. This issue occurred in the 18th century and impacted black slaves and whites across the United States. Prior to the Civil War in the southern states (which declared themselves as the Confederate states when they separated from the United States) there were lands that included laborious work and the slaves would do the labor from sunup to sundown. The Confederate states desired to have more slave states and they declared secession from the United States. The Union noticed the Confederate states as a threat and a group of rebels who wanted more power but, the Union wanted balance and would continue to have power. The Union states didn’t need …show more content…
Charles B. Dew argued that he believed that the Civil War was over slavery. He presented evidence to why he believed that slavery was the primary focus. The Union wanted equality with the Union and for the Union to have power but, the Confederate states were a threat to the Union after they separated themselves from the United States. Dew stated that the Union wanted the Confederate to abandon slavery if that if they didn’t there would be a war and that is exactly what happened; a war. Gary W. Gallagher didn’t believe that the war was over slavery but, that the war was over the Union. He provided solid evidence on why he believed that the Civil War was not over slavery but over the Union. I provided evidence also that joined Gary W. Gallagher that the war’s primary focus was the Union. The war was fought for the Union but, the Union attacked slavery because they knew that slavery was a dominant tool that the Confederates used. Moreover, if the war was fought over slavery then slavery would’ve ended when the war did not months after. The war was a paramount issue in history because this war did free the slaves in the confederate states. Furthermore, the Civil War freed slaves and months after the war the 13th Amendment was ratified which abolished slavery. The Confederate states also joined the Union sometime after the civil war. My thought is that if the war wouldn’t have occurred there would still possible be slavery as in the 18th century and of course a divide between the Union and the Confederate. What’s more, if the South would have won the war I believe that the flag individuals would see everyday would have been the confederate flag; however, the Union defeated the Confederates and ended slavery and still protected the Union which

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