Why Was The Civil War Inevitable

The Civil war was an inevitable conflict that happened from April 2nd, 1861 to April 9th, 1865. The Constitution said that says that all men are created equal, and the Declaration of Independence said that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, which are life, liberty and happiness. However, slaves and the black race weren’t seen as equal, and were often discriminated against. Furthermore, the economy of the North and South was drastically different, and to abolish slavery could cause an economic collapse of the South, and social and political developments are also drastically different. Slavery for example was an abundant source of labor for the South, yielding in high rewards, at …show more content…
Before the civil war, there were many massive plantations, full of slave workers, picking cash crops such as cotton and tobacco, and staples such as rice. The South had so much agriculture in there economy, that they didn’t industrialize as much as the North, where slavery for the most part was banned. The cotton gin was a massive way to start making a profit off the plantations and in cotton, which required more slaves, causing the South to be hurt by this. Because of the cotton gin, more slaves were used to make more money, contrary to the fact that cotton gins helped reduce labor, but more slaves meant that more can use the cotton gin which led to more money. When the slave trade ended in 1808, Southerners weren’t particularly happy with this. This sort of created a small feud between the view of the North and the South. The economy of the South, due to its agricultural basis, was very tough to change. If all slaves were suddenly free, most wouldn’t want to work on the plantations willingly. Being rural, most of the Southerners lived in large allotted lands with slaves or being yeomen farmers, which also hurt the rate of industrialization. This means that unlike the North, there capital wasn’t busy and causing trade, and industrialization in a way hurt the Southerners as they aren’t advancing in technology, because they though with all this plantations and cash crops, why would they need to industrialize? This was a major difference between the North and the South, which could have caused the civil war, primarily because how they have to rely on slaves to fuel their massive plantations. There were more wealthy people in the North then the

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