The Importance Of Volunteering For Uk Society Essay

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Environmental volunteering
Wilson and Musick (1999: 141) defined a volunteer as, “someone who contributes time to helping others with no expectation of pay or other material benefit to herself. Van Til (1988: 6) defined volunteering as a, “helping activity that is engaged in not primarily for financial gain and not by coercion or mandate”. Non-profit and voluntary organisations are often referred to as the “third sector” in society, in relation to the private and public sectors (Salamon and Anheier 1997: 2). Baines and Hardil (2008: 307-308) discuss how the importance of volunteering to UK society is widely acknowledged, and how it has historically been based on two traditions of behaviour: philanthropy and mutual aid. Stebbins (1996: 213) discusses two broad motivations for volunteering: altruistic volunteering and self-interested volunteering. Altruistic volunteering, is where the volunteer participates in the volunteering activity for the benefit of others, while self-interested, or egoistical, volunteering is for the benefit of the volunteer. Volunteering therefore covers a broad range of activities that can be undertaken for a variety of activities, but share the principles of providing an uncoerced service without the expectation of material or financial gain or profit. Environmental volunteering can be defined as, “a non-activist form of pro-environmental behaviour”, that allows those who participate in environmental volunteering to, “participate in civic actions…

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