The Importance Of Virtual Team Relationships

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To improve relationships, the face-to-face interaction technique is the most successful. A study found face to face meetings are important to build virtual team relationships. (Pauleen & Yoong, 2001, pg. 194) Face to face interactions allow communication, body language and tones to understand an individual. In the Hockaday case, multiple face-to-face interactions are close to impossible and would be very costly.
Today, developers have produced virtual games which allow all virtual team members to participate in group events as in puzzles, activities and quizzes. There are also web conferencing programs that offer chat, video and document sharing. Web conferencing allows team members to see and communicate visually and verbally with
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The web conference programs can be accessed through computers or mobile devices, which allow meetings at any point in time, where ever you are located.
A new app on the market is the ICQ and this app allows all virtual team members to see when members are connected to the internet. (Pauleen & Yoong, 2001, pg. 198) This allows the members to communicate with each other outside of the work environment and participate in informal conversations. The ICQ generates casual conversations which in turn will build relationships between team members. (Pauleen & Yoong, 2001, pg. 198)
Leadership & Team Building:
The major issue of leadership begins with the CEO of Hockaday. The Hockaday CEO would benefit from training on new technology and leadership skills to fill the needs of the company. Hockaday
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This type of hierarchy virtual team has a follow-up leader to fill the position in case of sickness or vacation. According to structurational theory, rules influence the interaction and behaviors of the company’s members. (Shockley-Zalabak, 2014) An issue that arose in a crisis situation of Hockaday is when a member of the virtual team broke the structuration. The particular member defied the leadership rules by taking charge and making recommendations for the leader to step to the side because there was a disagreement in how the situation was being

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