The Importance Of Cloud Collaboration

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Document Management:
One of the other communication practice is related to document management. The documentation or its management was traditionally done by paper and prints. Technological advances in the construction sector has changes this old practice. Now availability and access to different digital software has changed the way the industry use to work.
One of such collaboration practice is cloud collaboration. Cloud collaboration helps to manage the project data under a single cloud-based collaboration platform. It is an easy way to share all the project related information in real time from different modes. The architects, contractors, vendors, and other people involved in the project can easily manage the documents, drawings, technical
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Now a days virtual meetings and presentation are becoming very common. Thus, in order to accommodate the other team mates present in different locations, web presentations or virtual meetings prove to be very useful. With the help of web based applications like video conferencing and application sharing, the virtual meetings are made effective and help to connect all the team members who are not in the same location. Thus, with the advancements in the information and communication technology, such trends of digital communication are driving the communication in the construction …show more content…
Any requests about work orders, changes, etc. can be received by the field guys directly without going through the process of waiting and approving or processing it after returning to the office. Moreover, accurate real time information about the ongoing work on the job site can be noted and captured by the individuals on the site. For example, when any issue arises, the field supervisor can take real time photos on their tablet devices and can send it over to the office people to make the necessary changes or comments. This helps to avoid any inaccurate or out-of-date information and instead provide all the team member with updated information about the ongoing project. Thus, this mobile technology increase the ability to communicate between field and office on a click of a button

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