Howard Williams 'The Ethics Of Diet'

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The world trusts that India is a dominating veggie lover nation and our kin that seems to vow and make vegetarianism is our way of life and custom can reinforce this conviction. Vegetarianism is often accepted is the standard in India as energized or forced by philosophies of religion and rank. However, the Government is endeavouring strength religious method to quit eating meat.
We people never read books, journals to accumulate knowledge in terms of appreciating the factual consideration of our ancient people’s lifestyle. We should understand vegetarianism has its underlying foundations in the civic establishments of ancient India and old Greece. As there was an opinion, vegetarianism is the theory and practice of voluntary
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We should experimentally comprehend the fundamentalism of being vegetarian. World researchers say that eat less meat to stay away from risky a dangerous global warming. Creating nourishment for the world's growing population is probably going to send ozone draining substance outflows over the limit of well-being, unless more is done to discontinue meat consumption.
We Indians must appreciate that the other nations’ journalists, researchers, compassionate people, were recognized the significance of vegetarianism. Howard Williams, the author of “The Ethics of Diet,” was published in 1883 and it tells the historical backdrop of vegetarianism. Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer, who considered "the Ethics of Diet” is “a great book” and in 1892 he wrote the introduction to the Russian interpretation.
Few slokas (verses) from Srimad Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu sacred writing that is outlined the ethics of diet and clearly illuminating which food humans need to
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15, Playing the English Gentleman, alludes to 1890 in London]:
“My faith in vegetarianism grew on me from day to day. Salt's book whetted my appetite for dietetic studies. I went in for all books available on vegetarianism and read them. One of these, Howard Williams' The Ethics of Diet, was a 'biographical history of the literature of humane dietetics from the earliest period to the present day'. It tried to make out, that all philosophers and prophets from Pythagoras and Jesus down to those of the present age were vegetarians. Dr. Anna Kingsford's The Perfect Way in Diet was also an attractive book. Dr. Allinson's writings on health and hygiene were likewise very helpful.”
[Chap. 18, Shyness My Shield]:
“I once went to Ventnor with Sjt. Mazmudar. We stayed there with a vegetarian family. Mr. Howard, the author of The Ethics of Diet, was also staying at the same watering place. We met him, and he invited us to speak at a meeting for the promotion of

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