Time Management In The Medical Field

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As the world today continues to be improving each minute, numerous innovations, ideas, and other new discoveries are emerging. In the medical field, lots of new things are coming to life. In a clinical laboratory, studying old and new specimens, analyzing what they are, what they do and what they’re worth take time. Because of this, we, the researchers have thought of applying social responsibility and see positive impacts on the Medical technology interns’ efficiency. Since that topic is quite broad and would have several aspects, so we, the researchers narrowed it down until we
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Based on the idea that too much of everything is a bad thing, Kishore (2015), said that too much of anything is bad and same applies to time management. In any organization, if you don’t have processes to improve efficiency you have chaos. But, the moment you start enforcing the right process you turn into bureaucracy. The challenge then is to have balance. One should have a good enough system that prevents going to the extremes that sustain the values by which your practices are guided. If ever, in anyway, you feel that trying to follow or trying to apply time management in anything you do is causing you stress instead of eliminating it, watch what you are doing. This can really happen when you take the practice into extremes. This just goes to show that Time management also has its limitations and that we should not go beyond the boundary. For example, you might have had one particular task you have been planning to do but is long overdue. Because of this, you start to worry and say to yourself that you are going to lose touch of your time management practice. This then is the point where in personal values and self introspection come to life. At times when it is not easy to think whether to give up a particular task or not, is when you start questioning basis for doing that practice. You may regret that you were not able to achieve your goals, or you may have an overload of work to do too many things or …show more content…
One of them is that, you can have a proper time with your family and loved ones. Time management helps you accomplish things faster than you think possible. This allows you to spend your discretionary time with people you love. When you have more free time you get to spend quality time with people you love and help them achieve what they want. And isn’t life all about helping people you love and being there for them? Time management allows you to do that. Another benefit of practicing time management is that it helps improve your life away from the office. The skills that you learn and use at work can also be translated into your own personal life. You will be better able to prioritize your daily tasks, create a workable schedule for busy times and also leave yourself some time to relax. A less hectic home life can help improve your professional performance as well because you spend less time on the job worrying about your personal commitments and responsibilities. Another benefit is that time management serves as the lynchpin of your reputation at work. The head of the company sees those who manage their time well as consistent and dependable. In the context of a clinical laboratory, it is possible that your Phlebotomist may see you as someone who takes his job seriously and

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