The Importance Of The Scientific Method

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In everyday life the Scientific Method can be utilized regularly. Most of the time, people don’t even realize that they are using the steps to the Scientific Method when figuring something simple out. People can move through the steps so quickly it is hard to recognize that many used them while making decisions about regular daily life situations. Kausik Datta wrote “that his wish for every Non-Scientist is to understand the use of the Scientific Method, and how it is the foundation for rational, empirical, evidence-based understanding of the natural world; the central idea elegantly guiding how science works to advance knowledge” (2012). Often the Scientific Method is used very quickly for solving problems and making split-second decisions on routes to take when driving or ingredients to use when cooking. “The steps of the Scientific Method in order are, ask a question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test with an experiment, analyze your results and draw a conclusion then communicate your findings (“Steps of the Scientific Method”, n.d.). Many times, in different scenarios, steps are thought to be skipped, but if the whole process is played out we see all steps are indeed utilized. Using the Scientific Method for everyday life events like unexpected delays to work or an appliance that quits working is how we come to conclusions on why things happen. It also helps us to know how things work and the way things fit together. This helps many …show more content…
It may only take seconds to move through the steps but each step is, indeed, used. From roadblocks to cooking, appliance repair to problem solving at home or work the Scientific Method will help make decisions on the course of action to take. Science is used in life for answer to everyday living and it is an awesome thing to utilize and

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