Invisible War Reflection

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Monday: Being a part of a military family means being a part of a community and network of people across the United States and world. Being a member of this group of people creates a special bond that outsiders may not fully understand. It can be difficult for civilians to understand that military members of service would choose to fight in a war that no one truly knows anything about. With modern technology, we can see that violence is a large part of war, but the battles our members of service fight are also hidden. While we may not be able to see the scars or experience those battle wounds ourselves, it is important for those working with any individual associated with the military receive training and becoming educated about the “the military …show more content…
The movie The Invisible War spoke to me because it was the catalyst to the remainder of the week’s journey to the hidden battle that our service members fight every day. I asked myself what is it the makes the service members who commit or attempt to rape other service members? Just as we learn through modeling, where did these service members learn these behaviors? More importantly, I thought about how we could change that …show more content…
In a world where black boys fear the one person who is supposed to protect them, what defines a life? I see on the news, in my phone, on Facebook, and through personal connections, that the life of a black man is not worth the same as any other. You see, we argue that black lives matter, and then others are silence by all lives matter. Then I get confused, is it not true that all lives matter? Is it not true that everyone should matter? Is it not true that everyone should be able to speak up? Once we speak for someone else, we no longer allow for him or her to speak for him or herself.
It angered me that these service members were suffering so much and did not receive the proper treatment or respect. The service members sacrificed their lives for us, and we as those who have reaped those benefits should do what we can to show that we are thankful for their services. When I think of the injustice in treatment to our service members, I think of the women who were abused and reported the abuse to those they thought would protect them. Instead, these women were silenced and no one heard their stories. I think of the young men who return home never the same and seek treatment, who will one day attempt or complete suicide because nothing that anyone can do for them will take the pain away from living inside of their own heads and memories. I also think of the women who fiercely fight in dangerous

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