Essay On Military Family

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The Effects on a Military Family A Soldiers’ life can be unstable sometimes. They have duties and responsibilities that civilians do not, such as: waking up early in the morning for PT, being sent to another state for a month or longer for training, stationing overseas for a job assignment or being deployed for war. These constant changes can make life stressful for the soldier’s wife or husband and kids. The soldier’s family deserts their family, their friends, their school, their home and everything that was familiar to them, to live a brand-new life in a different state or a different country overseas. On top of this, the soldier continues to abducted from this new home for training or war and must adjust to their parent and spouse being …show more content…
As previously stated, PTSD has symptoms that can cause a soldier to alienate himself from his family, stay out of the life of the children, don’t come home at night because either he feels that being home is a stressor and it causes him a lot of anxiety and anger that brings bad energy into the home, so most likely he just wants to avoid this occurrence or he feels as though he is mentally damaged and does not want the family to see him in this state or he doesn’t want to scare the family so the avoids coming home as much as possible. Another case could be, the soldier does come home and triggers such as: a glass plate shatters, the children spend hours in their room or the laundry is not folded, can send him into an all-out rage. He throws tantrums and picks fights with the spouse or the children, this can leave the family confused and angry. Studies show that more violence in families of Vietnam Veterans with PTSD than in families of Veterans without PTSD, including increased violent behavior of the child (Panagioti 2009). They are not sure why he is acting different, the family has the tendency of taking it personal and this causes separation or divorce. Out of all men that have been married, those with PTSD were twice as likely to have been divorced (Jordan

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