Reflection On The Lisa Frase Reading Survey

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On Monday, September 16th, 2016, I administered a reading survey assessment to a 7th-grade ESL class at Bateman Elementary around 10 AM. The whole group of students, twenty-one total, participated in this assessment.
Why did you choose this survey or inventory?
I chose the Lisa Frase Reading Survey because of its simplicity and readability. Even informal assessments can generate ill feelings from students, especially those who might feel interrogated or judged for how much time they spend reading, or what they may find difficult about reading. The ability for the students to simply place a checkmark in the box that describes how often they read, what genres they like, and why they may have trouble reading ensures that students will not feel
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The reading survey is a wonderful resource to look back on throughout the year to help students pick new books to read based on the books they have read in the past or the genres they enjoy. Furthermore, I can modify instruction to focus on reading comprehension by introducing reading strategies and graphic organizers for students to use to organize their thoughts. Furthermore, I will invite the students to talk about what they are reading with a peer for the last three minutes of their independent reading time, so maybe they will better understand what they are reading if they explain it to someone else. For the students who have trouble remembering where they left off when they read, I could supply students with bookmarks, remind students to write the page number they left off on in their planners, ask students to place a post-it note on the page they left off, and write a one sentence summary, or keywords that will refresh their memories when they return to the text. Furthermore, I could invite students to reflect on their reading in their interactive notebook, because writing about what you have read ensures that the information stays longer in your mind. In addition, I could conduct more informal assessments with students to uncover the reason why some students have difficulty comprehending a text. Perhaps, “Yazmin” has difficulty decoding words which prevent her from understanding what …show more content…
Reading is a foundational subject that impacts students not only in a Language Arts class but in all subjects and areas of life. Furthermore, reading helps students become better writers because they are influenced by author’s ideas, and they are exposed to new vocabulary, topics, writing styles, etc. that inspire students when they write on their own. I also think the reading survey serves as a self-reflection for students who may not even be aware of their struggles when they read. The reading survey not only offers the teacher a valuable resource to evaluate student’s needs, but it also provides students a tool for self-assessment, so that students can adapt authentically simultaneously with additional modified reading instruction from the

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