Holocaust Argumentative Essay

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Many people refer to the Holocaust as a dreadful event that has taken place in the history of time, while others thought of it as an act against humanity. In my opinion, I think it was nonsense that people all around the world had to feel heartache, as this devastating event against the Jews took place. I certainly feel grossed by the Nazis for deciding to kill another human race. At the end of the day, we are all humans of various races, religions and cultures. So why kill one another when each of us is unique in our own way

The main reason why I think this superfluous war took place is because of the famous crazy head, Adolf Hitler. “Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party”. Hitler hated the Jews, as he
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They were treated very harshly, a way that no one or thing should be treated. Jews had to wear a big yellow Star of David to symbolize that they were Jews on their shirts and coats. They had to bow to German officials. For example, in the movie Pianist directed by Roman Polanski; Wlady’s dad did not bow to the German officers so he got slapped on the face and was commanded to walk on the gutters. Besides bowing and following rules associated with being a Jew; all of them were forced to move to the Ghetto. This place is described horrendous as it was very unsanitary and really crowded. Every single day hundreds die from getting shot from Germans for no reason at all. For example, in the movie stated above, German officers rushed into the room where a Jew family was eating dinner. The officers commanded everyone to stand up but unfortunately the old man in the wheelchair could not. Due to this the German soldiers dropped the old man from the apartment causing him to die. Out of all the things that the Jews faced, I feel that conservation camps were the worst part about the Holocaust. The Jews were dehumanized in the camps. They lost their identity and were starved. They had to wear black and white striped outfits and did hard labor every single day. Even going to the washroom was a struggle as there weren 't any proper sanitations and they had to do their “businesses” in the same bowl they ate in! Not to mention, the Nazis would trick the Jews into going into the Gas chambers, where gas is released and thousands end up suffocating and dying. This place was dreadful, as the Jews suffered through so many

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