Holocaust A Witch Hunt Essay

Hitler, the leader of the Holocaust and leader of Nazi Germany, executed six million innocent lives by the end of World War II alongside his Nazis by putting groups in concentration camps. This tragic genocide known as the Holocaust left a mark on society. During World War II, Hitler had a goal to exterminate all not fit for his likings aka Jews, gypsies, disabled and other groups looked down upon. This travesty involved torturing/experimenting on these groups until death in camps known as concentration camps. Consequently, this extermination of innocent groups has contributed to the idea that the Holocaust is a witch hunt. Furthermore, this is a modern day witch hunt due to its atmosphere of hysteria and paranoia, its prejudice of those accused …show more content…
As the paranoia and hysteria grew Hitler followed out his plans to exterminate the Jews by making concentration camps to imprison and torture them. First the Jews had been raided and taking violently from their homes. As they bided in the concentration camps, many torture tactics taken were to inflict pain until massacre, such as a firing squad, starvation, dehydration, disease, gas chamber and physical exhaustion. Even after the bodies were deceased, they gave the Jews not an ounce of mercy, thrusting the bodies into a burning furnace. In contrast to the belief that it is a witch hunt some might differ that the Holocaust is not a witch hunt because condemnation refers to the disapproval of something not the execution of people. Although this position has a point, it is flawed as a condemnation refers to “the state of being condemned” () and condemned refers to a“…sentence to punishment” (). Therefore, condemnation is not just the disapproval of the accused, but also the punishment of the accused. In Hitler’s case his punishment was to exterminate them from society with the torturous and horrendous acts of concentration camps. Although Hitler mainly condemned the Jews, he also aimed for other groups such as African Americans, homosexuals, and the disabled. Furthermore, the denunciation of groups such as Jews, homosexuals, African Americans and the disabled proved that Hitler’s Holocaust is a witch

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