Causes Of The Gender Wage-Gap

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When it comes to a subject like the Gender Wage-Gap there is no questioning its existence. Everyone knows about it; some just don’t care, others blame it on chauvinism. However questioning the cause of it should be more of a normal occurrence. In reality there are many underlying variables to consider, but our focus will be on the educational background and the factors it presents. The school of choice, the major or focus of study, the industry aimed for, the GPA of subjects and over all, and the gender difference in the chosen field play a big part, a lot bigger than the common rumor of male chauvinism in the work place. Which has been creating tension on the matter worldwide for decades. Their importance will be explained in the following …show more content…
Since the beginning of history the woman has been portrayed as the weaker gender because of many different reasons. Throughout time the reasons have changed but they have always degraded the capabilities of the female in some way. For example in distant history it was common for the woman to stay home to cook, clean and take care of the children and husband when he comes home from working to support his family. Because of this employers could think a male is more depended on for income then a woman. Also this makes a woman look as if because she has no experience in the work place that the woman can’t work as well as a man therefor women reap less income. Now, today homes are broken, men and woman separated or maybe both have to work to keep up with bills and taking care of the children making women more dependent on income than before in some cases more dependent than men. Sadly some establishmentis beliefs stay the same as they were decades ago, not changing with the times and putting women out in the cold when it comes to how much to pay …show more content…
Through studies it has been proven that education plays a role on the gender wage gap. What we choose in college, our GPA, the industry of choice, the type of college and its credibility, and the gender differences for educational focus and majors shapes our pay as well as our career in the future. Delving further into the educational background though, there is also personality traits between men and women that make them choose their educational course which leaves us to question. Just how complex is the gender wage-gap? What else may be a hidden cause to the pay

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