The Importance Of The Doctrine Of Animal Rights

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I will argue that people should not accept the doctrine of animal rights, and I will offer three reasons to supports this claim. 1) Animal rights can to be limiting to the advancement of human wellbeing, 2) Animal control is important for sustaining the ecosystem, and 3) There are alternatives to accepting the animal rights, one in particular being animal welfare. The second point will be discussed in conjunction with the first two points.
In support of the claim that animal rights is limiting for the advancement of humanity, I will offer two reasons. It is an important process for; 1) understanding of and thus more rapid discoveries for curing diseases and 2) preventing unforeseen harm caused by treatments.
A consequence of accepting the doctrine of animal rights is that humans
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An example is the drug thalidomide, a painkiller for morning sickness that was marketed in late the 1950s. Because no animal testing was done, the company was unaware of the severe side effects of this very drug, leading to more than 10,000 children being born with malfunctions or missing limbs. (Hajar, R. 2011).
These tragedies reinforced the importance of animal testing, as the scientific community must uphold its obligation to further advance the wellbeing for civilization and humanity.
Some may argue that there are other alternatives, such as testing on cell cultures and utilizing computer models. However, although these methods are valuable, it cannot simply replace animal testing, as the living organisms have many systems working in conjunction, and explaining or predicting the causes of diseases or effects of potential treatments must be done by looking at the entire system as a whole.

Because of these factors, it is probably not desirable to accept animal rights, however, in support of the ideas of animal rights to eliminate harm to

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