Animal Research Controversy

In entering the conversation regarding the controversy about animal research, I am first considering the tendency in our culture to take to extremes. The positions on various social issues. For example, an argument about the value of life can range from Tibetan monks who would only eat fruit which had fallen from trees, to a college professor who proposed that parents have the right to kill their own children up to the age of 3. I do not want to be extreme in what I think. What I am thinking about is that animal testing is abuse in certain situations. Some would insist animals have no rights. This is not reasonable because as a living thing that has no ability to stand up for itself, it would be at the mercy of anyone who wanted to use it. …show more content…
The cosmetics industry had instituted labeling of products as “cruelty free and some companies have stopped animal testing, altogether. Still, the definition is somewhat unclear, kind of like the definition of “organic” in the food industry. Ellin, Abby, Pg. 89 Americans Need more Information About Animal
Testing of Animal Experimentation pp. 89-91, 2013, Greenhaven Press,” Neither should procedures that are harmful to the animal done for purposes of improving how well the testing works, be used. Mice have been specifically breed for certain traits that are desirable for research, such as mutations which create an immune deficiency when the mice are born and which are passed on to future generations. Susan Hunnicutt Book Editor, Animal Experimentation, Pg. 41.
Animal testing is likely have results that are not beneficial and can be harmful due to genetic differences between humans and animals. Even though there have been decades of testing of drugs on animals, due to the number of products and chemicals tested, knowledge of effect of the chemicals on heath and the environment is still
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76-77. It does not cover fish and birds. It would seem clear that some type of rules and boundaries regarding how animals are used in testing becomes evident given the horrible examples of testing done on humans in the past which was abusive of them and which resulted in results of no benefit, usually being done for inhumane purposes. There are laws regarding how, for example, psychological testing done on humans. Animals do not have the ability to give permission for testing they would be better off without.
In addition to the problems with animal testing, it is becoming more and more unnecessary because of microchip technologies. Things can be done which are models of the real life, done without causing physical pain and discomfort on animals. The results, being done in the controlled environment of computer technology, will be less like to have the kind of individual differences seen when different animals are experimented on.
This will lead to more consistent results. It will also be more cost

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