The Importance Of The Child 's Positive Traits Essay

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. Begin by giving examples of the child’s positive traits:
Good morning! I hope you are doing well today. Thank you for coming in to have a conference with me. I am Miss Hale and I have been student teaching here since October and I will continue in this classroom with Mrs. Allison until the beginning of May. I have enjoyed getting to know the students, specifically getting to know Kaitlyn. She is very full of energy and has a great imagination. There have been several times on the playground when she has been involved in pretend play. It was been neat watching her. She is also creative. Kaitlyn is a good writer and adds detail to her stories. I have also noticed how much she loves to add illustrations to the things she write during center time as well when she has completed an assignment. I think she liked the past few math lessons because they involved drawing math pictures. One last thing I have noticed about Kaitlyn is how helpful she is. She is willing to help push in the chairs or put them on the desks at the end of the day. I appreciate that about her.

2. Ask the parents to tell about their child’s strengths and strong interests:
What do you think Kaitlyn’s strengths are? How does she interact at home? What would you consider to be Kaitlyn’s interests?

3. Ask the parents to share about their home life – family members, extra-curricular activities, etc.
Who lives with you? I know you just had a baby a couple months ago! Kaitlyn has told me a lot about him. She…

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