African American Racial Relationships

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Relationships between blacks and whites in America has always been strained due to racial reasons. There have been times in America’s history were unfavorable events from both races have occurred. These factors have led to distrust between the two races. Racial injustice in the United States like slavery and Jim Crow laws has further created a divided in the American nation. Today the Civil rights movement has transcended into the Black Lives Matter Movement, and just like the movement, blacks have now adjusted to their treatment in America. Due to constant brutality, noticeable racism in politics, and threatened income, blacks has to resort to violence.
Over the years, black nonviolent protest has resulted in only the loss of lives in the
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During the times of the Civil Rights Era, activist of that time fought hard to gain the rights such as voting. Stipulations of that time for blacks trying to participate would be them having to take voters test or even pay good amounts of money to register. Today the little voice that blacks have is being threatened by voter ID policies. As commented on by John McWhorter “Yet the distinction here is fine, and few black people or other Democrats will be inclined to acknowledge it in a culture that fetishizes the exposure and denunciation of racism. Voter-ID laws are resolutely interpreted as “racist,” and they have set the relationship between black voters and the Republican party back for at least a generation”(1). The progress made by black to achieve some rights are slowly being diminished as new laws are coming into play. These laws, like the voter ID, are deemed to affect the people in poor communities, many which are how to a great number of black Americans. Things to decrease the power of black have been ongoing since the presidency of Kennedy. In the case of Barack Obama presidential race, racial discrimination effected his campaign and the number of votes he received from the white population. Instead of committing violent acts, some may say that blacks could instead gain power in the government. Although this is a good idea and blacks have tried and successfully gotten a black man in office as president, racial attitudes during Barack Obama’s campaign still cost him votes, and blacks are still continued to be killed so violence should be given back. “Adopting an econometric approach, and controlling for other major electoral predicators like race, income, sex, age, education and ideology...” (3). Factors such as a person’s race, income, sex, age, education, and ideology can determine who a person who vote for. In the presidential race between Obama and John McCain due to

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