The Importance Of Blue Lives Matter

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“Violence as a way of achieving racial injustice is both impractical and immoral. Violence never brings permanent peace.”
Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke those words decades ago, and although those words were spoken years ago, they still relate to today’s world.
It seems that the world has transformed into this culture of hate and inequality. Violence exists everywhere, slashing at the backs and throats of innocents. There is a world where people are still divided by the color of their skin and that affects how people treat one another. Recently, this strong division is present through African Americans and police officers. On the news, the American people hear of an officer killing an unarmed black man and that has produced raw anger and sadness
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In her article, Lennard explores how President Obama so quickly spoke about the dozens of deaths of police officers in Dallas after they were murdered by an African American. However, to Lennard, she believes that Obama proved that the lives of African Americans do not matter, because people cared more for the deaths of police officers rather than the deaths of African American’s. “The police uniform,” she writes, “is accorded unique authority, impunity and power. Black skin is marked with the opposite. We don’t need a Blue Lives Matter movement to assert that cops’ lives matter—the fact is as established in this country as white supremacy” (Lennard 2016).
To Lennard, the government and the President need to speak up about the deaths of these African Americans and allow the American people to know that they support the black community. One of the best ways that the government can show this to the nation is through the president speaking to citizens about Black Lives Matter and what it means to these people. If the president continued to speak out, about a serious problem that is occurring in America, the minority group will feel that their voices have been heard and that is important for
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Such programs that produce the idea of equality for African Americans are Congress of Racial Equality, which was created to confront the issues of racism and discrimination in America; National Associations of Blacks in Criminal Justice, which examines and acts upon the needs and concerns of African Americans and other minorities to have equal justice in the United States; the National Black Police Association, which is an organization of African American police officers who dedicate their lives in the premutation of justice and fairness in the law enforcement; and lastly the One Hundred Black Men foundation, which helps improve black housing, education, employment, health services, and the overall quality of life for minorities. There is this strong racial gap in lethal violence between African Americans and whites. This is strongly because of the economic division between whites and blacks. The government needs to explore this and escape this racial inequality (Berthelot, Brown, Burgason, and Thomas, 2015).
Furthermore, as the government supports programs that better the lives of these African Americans and promote change for equality, the government needs to inform the American people of Black Lives Matter. As stated above, the informing can be done through the president, but it can also be done through

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