The Struggle Between Black-On-Black Crime And Violence

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Black-on-Black crime is one, if not the worst, challenge African Americans face today because it claims the lives of so many people, whether it be through death of a victim or a life spent in prison for committing crimes. Black-on-black crime and violence are major problems in current society because these tragic crimes and brutal violence break down African American unity. An astonishing amount of crime committed against African Americans is black-on-black crime. The vast majority of these crimes are committed by young black men particularly in major metropolitan areas such as New Orleans, Chicago, and Baltimore. Although times have changed, black-on-black crime is still a booming issue that needs to be addressed.

Crime and violence are devastating and completely unnecessary to begin with, and then to the extent to commit violence on members of one’s own racial group and break down the unity is far worse. Individuals of a race or culture individuals within the group should build each other up and support one another through a common bond. Lives lost due to crime and violence amount to wasted opportunity because every individual has the
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Violence committed by blacks, to blacks is a brutal issue and there seems to have no solution to the problem. Statistics show that it is the most pressing issue in for African Americans today with an astonishing amount of crimes committed against African Americans having African American suspects. This issue claims the lives of entirely too many innocent victims each year making it to date the most difficult problem African Americans face. The number of this kind of crime is skyrocketing and since there is no evident reason for committing these crimes or way to stop them there unfortunately will be no end to it in the near

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