The Importance Of The Bible In The Bible

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Understanding the bible is a life-long process, one can read the bible their entire life and never clearly understand it. Growing up in the church and my grand parents forcing me to go to
Sunday school I never fully understood the point of all the different stories that we read about or why we were reading about them. The biblical language made it equally tough because they read to us from the King James version, which is totally different from the convention English of today. As an adult Iunderstand the bible was written from different sources and that it is a guide on how we should govern our lives. God created us in his own image, sent his son to die for our sins and left the Holy Spirit to comfort us after Jesus ascended to heaven. My understanding
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Jews and Christians widely believe that Moses wrote the first five books in the bible. Beginning with some medieval rabbis, however, doubts about this claim have been raised. As an obvious starting point, Moses could not have written Deuteronomy 34:5-10 which speaks about his death. I remember going to sunday school learning that moses freed god 's people from egypt by parting the red sea.
King David was highly favored by God and considered one of the greatest kings in the bible. King David wrote the book of Psalms, which were a compilation of songs because he was a talented harp player. I remember the story of David and Goliath and David slaying the giant Philistine, which taught me no matter how big the task with my faith in God Ican
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The new testament was translated from greek ,the old testament was translated from hebrew and aramaic. Many people challenged if the bible was actually true or not. Most rabid fundamentalists among us admits that the bible might contain errors a faulty creation story here, a historical mistake there, a contradiction or two in some other place. But is it possible that the bible actually contains lies.
Jesus was the son of God and Joseph was the chosen earthly father and Mary was the chosen virgin mother who gave birth to Christ on Christmas . God comes to us in three forms; God the father, Jesus the son (God in flesh form) and the Holy Spirit. Jesus was sent to this earth to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Prophets were sent by God to pave the way for his son Jesus preparing the world for his arrival predicting that God will send his son to save the world. Jesus lived for 33 years and he taught us how we should live and treat one another.
Jesus was the living word of God,John 1:1says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the

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