The Importance Of The Act Of Hunting Essay example

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The Importance of Hunting
The majority of our society does not understand the importance of the act of hunting. Hunting keeps the wildlife population at equilibrium between their natural lifestyle and our civilization to aid agricultural farmers. The problem is those who oppose hunting do not think it is ethical, and those who hunt more for fun rather than putting food on the table for their families. The truth of the matter is that hunting is a major part of protecting wildlife from overpopulation, disease, and overgrazing farm land. Though that’s not all, a species could starve to death if the population is not at a steady level. This is because of animals eating up all of the resources in an area. Hunting is a tradition, and hunters are expected to respect and follow all hunting laws and regulations.

The heart of hunting debate is the species of the Whitetail Deer. Whitetail flourish due to lack of natural predators in their environments, also because of the abundance of deer friendly habitats. When there are an abundance of Whitetail in an area this can lead to many problems such as, Hemorrahagic disease. This disease is “the most important infectious disease of Whitetail deer.” The disease will cause deer to exhibit loss of awareness, difficult breathing, high fever, and major swelling of head and neck. Eventually the infected deer will be debilitated, which will soon lead to death. Without hunters doing their part and taking the required animals on their tags each…

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