E-Books Vs Academics

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In a world of high-spend internet, and instant communication, the world has gotten its self into a rush. In the process of trying to find the faster, easier, and cheaper way of doing things, there are those that are being left in the dust; those trying and struggling to keep up with their peers. Institutions (collages) have left behind a few groups of academics for the fast, easier, and cheaper way of issuing students their text books. These academics do not have access to internet, or have a fancy high tech device. Some of these academics have special needs, or just simply get a migraine from staring at a monitor for too long.
A person may shop around for colleges, like they do for a book in a book store. The only difference is that the book store does not tell you what to read or in what style you can read the book in. How is it that a student can spend thousands of dollars in books, not be able to
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