Swot Analysis Of Garmin

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Garmin has made sure that the technology that they use helps and not hinders the customer experience. The leaders within Garmin have always positioned customer service as assets to be retained and better assist customers that have issues. Overall Garmin deals with such advanced products that incorporate technology you have to be able to assist customers in a delicate manner. Currently the business has multiple outlets in order for customers to interface with the business for support; they can access our website, email the company, call our help line and also Garmin hosts multiple training seminars around the nation for customers to interact with the company directly.
The ability for the customer to interface with the company would be throughout
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At Garmin marketing and IT are aligned in establishing what types of solutions are needed to better impact the strategy for the business. Ultimately as a marketer you need to determine your strategy and process first before you are attempting to find technology to support it. Currently I utilize technology to send out eBlast to existing customers that have opted into the mailing campaign for my segment of business. Although this seems to be a very simplistic process we are accessing multiple databases of information and we have changed our technology partner in order to stay up to date with the technology. The biggest opportunity for the company in this sense was to personalize the information presented this will make the experience more nurturing. Another way that currently uses technology for marketing is on our e-commerce website. Garmin has strived to give the customer the same experience that they would have in a retail channel as they would online. The use of technology in store has increased over the past 5 years in my experience. Currently I am featuring large end cap displays that are custom build for retailers that employ large high definition screen that play videos supporting the products capabilities. The use of digital signage is a trend that allows businesses to capture the attention of customers and market specific products to them (Kooser). Lastly the area that marketing that has become a vast opportunity would be in regards to social media. Although this outlet is still very immature and unknown many companies have found much success in getting the attention of a younger audience. Garmin has taken the stance that social media is the technology that enables the marketing technique of word of mouth to the next level. Having the luxury of having something go viral can be extremely beneficial to the brand and

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