Essay about The Importance Of Teamwork And Poor Management

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Without teamwork and the proper management, it would be nearly impossible for a business to operate. Many companies fail due to the lack of teamwork and poor management. I have personally been part of a team and have also been a leader several times over the past twenty plus years. However being a team member doesn’t only apply to a business, but it is a part of your personal life as well.
You see, I have been in the service industry since the age of fourteen, starting out waiting tables at a family friend’s café during the summer. This is where I began learning about teamwork. In order for your customers to get great customer service, you and your co-workers have to work together in order to provide awesome service. Say a co-worker had three tables sit down at one time, I or one of the other girls see this, and we will greet the table and get their drinks for the server. From there, we would let the table know that their server will be right with them. In doing this the customers know that they have been acknowledged and the server doesn’t get overwhelmed, making for a happier work place. Several places require you to split your tips with other servers. Personally I would not work somewhere that you had to split tips, for the simple fact that there are those that are lazy and does not work as hard as others. Being in the service industry for as long as I have, has taught me many things about management and teamwork.
Over the years, I have obtained many skills and…

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