Persuasive Essay: Should Teachers Get Paid?

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After all they do for us they still are overlooked by societal “priorities”. They are the base of education. They are the lineman that block for the quarterback. They are the producers of the genesis that make millions today. Yet, the average school teacher will only get paid $56,000 per year working with 21st century kids for around 843 hours a year. Nobody realizes the hardships a teacher will face when in the classroom until they become one themselves. Increasing the salary of a teacher will boost their incentives of their career, send a message to the youth that pursuing in the teaching field is a good idea, and it will strengthen our country 's education system as a whole.

Contrary to this issue, it would seem ideal that teachers’ salaries should be increased others have different opinions. Teaching is a choice just like any other job. Most teachers are passionate about what they do so, it is ok for them to get paid less. Teachers’ will only work from 9 to 10 months a year. They shouldn’t get paid more than a babysitter because honestly that is their job. Unlike a regular job a teacher will work 6 1/2 hours a day rather than 8 ½ hours. Going to college and getting a four year degree in teaching is one of the easiest fields of study. This is an obvious reason that shows why teachers deserve the salary they receive. Teachers salaries are right
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High school and college students need to comprehend teaching as an ambitious career, in the same way that medicine or law requires rigorous courses. Money isn 't the main motivator for many teachers to pursue a teaching career, but it would still mean that raising teacher compensation would elevate the status of the career. At this rate teachers need money not only for themselves, but as for others. The Washington post

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