Teachers Difference In High School

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High School is something else, it really is. If there was one thing I would change it would be that the teachers would get more interactive with the students. Tell them about college, be involved with school activities, join clubs, encourage the students to do better in school. Most of all just be there when needed. I've had so many bad teachers in my high school experience , but the one’s that were always there for me will always be remembered. They were not just any ordinary teachers. These teachers were always pushing me to do better not only in there class but in very class I had. They would tell me go to college, do something with your life, don't be one of those kids that throw their lives away and has that smartness. A teacher that actually cares about our education and where we end up in life is the teachers we need most in our district. Those teachers actually make a difference in our lives. i can tell you that from a personal matter. Theres one teacher who changed my whole perspective about school and college. Something like that would make a hug difference in our schools.

Theres different types of teachers everywhere some of them bad some of them good. The teachers who care about our education and who do not care about our education. The ones that do care about our education
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I really did not think about going to college after high school, I was just going to go straight to work. Then there was one day where i had got a perfect in her test and she pulled me out of class and asked me what i was going to do with my life and i had no response to her and she convinced me to go to school and if i ever needed her help with no hesitation to ask she’ll be there fro me. That helped me so much and made me realize I'm going to be someone in life and we need more students to feel that way about them selves. It would make a better difference

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