Purpose Of College Life

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I put myself through college to find a purpose in my life. Sure making money is key in life, but making a difference in others life is a key I headed for. College is what’s necessary to reach a door in life. The experience gained from going through it is always what gets me. I expected college to be what I saw on TV as kid. However, my experience has been nothing but responsibilities and deadlines. The maturity is really forced but I’m not complaining. I really benefit from it all. Makes me realize that college really is a huge decision to make and to commit to. I’m committed to studying in Computer Science and Biotechnology. It’s an area that I’m strongly interested in and dedicated to study.
So far I’m no closer than I was yesterday but my future seems bright. Constant class work of subjects that I have little intentions to learning. However, the closer I get to the courses I’ll dedicate my life to, the closer I get to my goal. I can’t say that my time in school is a waste because I
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The little things such as being polite, understanding conflict, late night studying, and time manage are things I’ll consider my strengths in learning. It all adds up and can be applied to many things; even extending limitations. That’s what I enjoy about Effective Learning course, the format of thinking to extend the box rather than to think out of it. Assignments such as journals, discussion boards, and even this one. My personal input into educational work. Taken into reality and personal experience contexts. I much prefer it than learning what has been uniformed for similar results in students. Using personal experiences as strategies for learning, is what I’ve done to support and expand my knowledge. The most challenging part of doing so, definitely is procrastination. I approach it as something I need to change rather than improving it. It just increases my chances to learn the different perspectives of time

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