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How to make your Beauty Routine Sweat proof and Water proof
A walk in the rain could be apparently lovable and romantic. However, the rain ruins your makeup. Frizzed hair, eye shadow and eyeliner gliding on the cheeks, raccoon eyes etc can be the outcome of your incredible romance with rain! Okay, it is not about the rain, but some accidental exposure to water or even sweat. There could be nothing quite horrible like drizzling rain ruins your makeup or the teary eyes spoils it all the way! Summer is almost over and heading towards the blossoming rain! And it is not just about the makeup, but the hair too! It’s time to kick start the new beauty routine, that could seal your makeup, prevent from smudging and gliding on your face! Here is your guide to make
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Go for long wearing Lipstick / natural lip and cheek stain
This is time to use the lipstick instead of the lip gloss. Lip gloss, although the favorite of girls tend to smudge over when it is too glossy and when the wind it too high! Get the beautiful pouts adored with long wearing lipstick.
Instead of using the lipstick directly on the lips, dab a coat on your fingers, apply it like stain the lips for long wearing.
And yes, you can make the most of the natural lip and cheek stain, a major part of your waterproof beauty routine. Even if the water splashes, the lip and cheek stain stay in place.
Hair care!
Not to miss your hair, conceal it before the water damages! Rain makes the hair miserable! A beautiful up do is the best way to save your hair, a high pony tail or a messy bun looks good. You can use dry shampoo if you try out any new styles or hair spray to stay put. Manage your hair in its natural style, don’t try to alter it. It means, when your hair long and straight, don’t try out curls and vice versa. It enables easy management.
Lastly, you need a quality makeup remover to get rid of the waterproof makeup. Don’t go to bed with

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