The Importance Of Success In Business

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Different people with different background and ethnicity are united in the company with the same goal to make business successful. Business will be successful, when work in the team. The company can reach in its goal only if it has right and disciplined employee working. Employee’s hard work, dedication and their commitment will help business to get a boost. If employees are not happy they will not give full effort on finishing their task. Managements and manger should always keep their eyes open. Business world is very competitive manager will need to play different tactic and effective strategy to keep business running.
Businesses and companies are built with different people with same goal. There will be different position given to employ
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They might be successful in some part, but for the betterment of the company it might not be the best decision. In the company when competition is started employee will be focused on their individual task. They will not be work oriented; they will not care about overall business goal. They will try to pull each other’ legs to go beyond. Workflow and working environment will be poor and situation will be chaotic. There will be no unity. In the companies where individual competition are supported there are cases where some employee be biased and others will be …show more content…
Manager started selling pet food and pet accessories to increase revenue. Manager came with the idea that the employee working on sells department will get raised and incentives if they can bring more sells in. There were no incentives offered for the employee of other department. Employees working on other departments were not happy. The Clinic was running well before that, employees were not motivated to help the costumer. They did not provide good costumer service to the people visiting in the vet clinic. Costumers coming in the Vet were not happy with the service; they had to wait for more than hour to see the doctor. Doctor was always in rush to go from one room to another. All the patients (dogs, cats) would go back without seeing the Vet. They started giving negative review about the Vet clinic in Yelp and other Internet sources. People stopped coming, and there was a day when “American Animal Care center” was closed for forever. If Manager had focused on over all improvement of the clinic rather than just focusing on sell, the vet clinic would have still running. Managers need to acquire some skills, if they cannot handle the situation they are not suppose to be a manger. A good running Vet Clinic was closed due to lack of proper leadership and

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