Workforce Diversity In The Workplace

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Ans: - In the era of globalization, workforce diversity is important. Work force diversity is basically the study of different variety of people working in a workplace. It relies on age, religion, culture, gender, status, education and many more. Any company who want’s to gain competitive advantage in global economy; workforce diversity is the valuable asset which one can use. Every country has different advantages and disadvantages of workforce diversity. In KSA workforce diversity is a trend. Most of the organization in KSA, appreciate workforce diversity. The main reason of this diversity is because different people belonging …show more content…
Working conditions are changed according to the demand of people. Compiling the diverse information and skills of culturally distinct employees together can benefit companies by strengthening teams' productivity and responsiveness.
• Learning and Growth- workforce diversity allows the oppurtunity of employee’s personal growth. When one works in a diverse place, they learn new ideas, cultures and prespectives. By working in a diverse workplace, individuals tend to become friendly with their co-workers. Diversity encourages employees to be more well-rounded members of society. In KSA, employees get to learn about different languages, and ways of working from other co-workers. When the business has a diverse workforce they tend to grow and flourish.
• New talents- people from different countries and culture work in a diverse work place. One gets to see new talent and use it for their business. Businesses tend to grab different ideas from different employees as all the employees have different capabilities and way of thinking. Every country and culture has different norms and values and different ways of working, diversity helps them to learn and use new ideas and talents and implement them in their
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In an organization, mostly small groups are born when integration issues occur. These integration issues cause division in organization which may affect the business in a negative way. Informal division occurs between employees. In most organization in KSA, Saudis, Pakistanis or the Asians tend to form their own groups these integration issues hinder information, skill sharing which may indirectly affect productivity.
• Financial cost- when working in a diverse workplace, companies have to face high financing. Companies have to finance for many things like training, international ways of working (machines, technologies etc). Businesses in KSA also face these financial issues as mostly organizations have foreigners working at the managerial levels and sometimes in top management also.
• Low commitment- commitment of employees is important for an organization because if employees will not be commited it creates a bad image of the organization to the world. In KSA, there is high degree of commitment issues due to many reasons; these can be due to governmental issues, or from management

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