Why High School Teachers Should Have To Study In College

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How many of you really know how to study? Most college students do not do as well as they did in high school due to the fact that they never really had to study; some may not even know how to. Studying is one of the “activities” college students should be spending most of their time doing. If you want to do well or at least pass your classes, you should spend at the minimum four to five hours a day studying. If studying was enforced upon high schoolers, they would be more successful in college, that’s why I think high school teachers should help prepare students for college by planning their classes and content to where the students actually have to study in order to do well. High schools should have workshops on how to study, and there should be organized study groups for students to get …show more content…
My teachers in high school always told me that they were spoon feeding me and that it is going to be different in college. I constantly thought to myself, why would they make it so easy on us if they knew it was going to be so difficult in college? Why wouldn’t they prepare us instead of us having to learn the hard way? I was definitely spoon fed in high school from my freshman year to my senior year with the exception of a couple classes- English and Calculus. If I was not for those classes requiring me to learn how to study and prepare for tests, I wouldn’t be as well off as I am now. High schools should have workshops or classes about the different ways to study and what would work best for certain people. A work shop class about how to study would be beneficial to students – it would teach multiple ways that the student could study based on what would work better for them. I had to learn on my own my senior year of high school, but the way I study is I write everything over and over and over until I can picture my notes in my head. Quizlet is also a great

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