The Importance Of Studying And Education On My Life Essay

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Duquesne was actually the last place I ever thought I would end up for college. I never wanted to stay close to home and the city did not seem like the right fit for me. However, once I discovered all the opportunities it had to offer I realized it did not matter that the city location wasn’t quite what I wanted and that home was only forty minutes away. It could give me what I really wanted and enjoyed – a high level, in-depth education.
The importance of studying and education was greatly stressed in my household from the time I was in kindergarten to when I was writing up college application essays, so for a while I thought my desire to succeed and get good grades stemmed from my parents always pushing me to do well. However, as I grew older and my parents did not feel the need to keep driving me to study and get ahead I realized that that want for knowledge and education was something that I had always possessed even before my parents started to influence my studying. I would read books upon books of stories of any kind without anyone forcing me to just because I loved to read and learn about new things or words.
The passion I had for education continued to grow and resulted in me taking more challenging and demanding classes in high school and now college. My love of learning and desire to become better educated is a very big reason that I will get out of bed to come to class every morning or skip that party to study. Duquesne is a way to better myself as a person and…

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