My Introduction Into Education: An Introduction To Education

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My introduction into education was like most children’s fascination my curiosity took me to levels to where even today I want to explore the world. It made me happy when I had received an award in second grade even though at that age we are still really young and don’t have difficult class work to do, seeing my dad proud that I got an award is a good feeling, and my motivation to continue on having an education. Also being one of my own goals I want to accomplish and show myself that I can complete something I put my mind to.
Starting from a really young age I grew up being really shy in school causing it to be a setback for me during that age though being shy affected me I was still trying to focus on learning more in class some days were
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One the first day starting fifth grade the teacher called me to the office during lunch and informed me about the situation that the office made a mistake in placing me in his class and was mandatory that I had to go back into fourth grade; there was nothing he would be able to do. Carol S. Dweck, author of Brainology, states “students with different mindsets also had very different reactions to setbacks.” That moment I had mixed emotions, feeling sad, mad, nervous and confused, it all happened so quick at that time I felt less educated and didn’t want to attend school. Continuing the rest of that day in another classroom was uncomfortable. Many things kept going thru my head the rest of the day. After a couple weeks had passed I started to get used to being there and in the end of that experience I got to meet new students, joining band in seventh grade which helped me get out and be more social, having less anxiety being around a big crowd many …show more content…
I was also able to help out other students that had a difficult time learning how to read become better themselves. As for my writing I wasn’t always confident in that area, I remember being worried I was not going to be able to pass the writing exam in high school, David Shenk author of The Genius In All Of Us, “ intelligence’ ’he declared profoundly in 2005, represents a set of competencies in development.’’ (51) In other words, intelligence isn’t fixed. Intelligence isn’t general. Intelligence is not a thing. Intelligence is a dynamic, diffuse and ongoing process.’’ Making his point, at times it took me by surprise my teachers would tell me that my own work in writing was good ending in getting a good grade, what I need know is to continue developing my skills in writing and see that I am able to cultivate and gain more effort in becoming better at

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