The Importance Of Study Skills

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1.0 Introduction

People have been aware on how education is able to lead their future to betterment. However, success cannot be gained just by going to class, listen and succeed. Luckie (1998), wrote “for students to succeed, intelligence and motivation are not enough; students also need to understand and become aware of what they do while studying and how they can improve their study skills”. This shows how having study skill is vital. I am extremely agreed that study skills are important and here I will discuss on how study skills can help students in their study.

2.0 Teaching students how to study

2.1 Different ability

One of the reasons why having study skills can help students is because each students has different ability to receive
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As students who are doing part time study rarely has time to meet with their colleagues and lecturers, they need to be independent. By having study skills, for example, finding trustable articles from trusted authors and books instead of articles online will be much easier, and will influence greatly on the assignments that they are working on.

2.3 Positive emotions
Other reason on why study skills are important is because the students will feel positive and motivated to learn. Good emotions and feelings are extremely important when doing things as those are the things that actually motivate learners positively. Kumar (2006) wrote that student will give up when they have no idea how to solve their homework. This is indirectly can be related on how learners will give up when they are lost and low motivated to study more.

3.0 Conclusion
In a nutshell, teaching study skills is as vital as teaching subject for the students. Students with different ability will be able to catch up, being independent in part time study and having positive emotions are among the reasons on how having study skills can affect our study outcomes. It should be taken seriously and be implemented in the future for better learning
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Croft(1996) wrote in his book that time management is the skill to spend your time on vital things. It is vital to have a good time management and here I will discuss on the importance of it.

One of the benefits of having a good time management is it can increase our productivity. Having a secure time management will help us to see which one that should be prioritized first and be completed thus will help to improve the results of our works as supported by Forsyth(2003) who wrote ‘ people can improve productivity by reviewing their habits and paying attentions into the tenets of time’.
Time management also benefits people in terms of able to control our daily activities. As we are able to control our activity according to its priority, this will prevent us from going astray and do other unimportant activity.

2.1.3 This will then also benefit us in getting positive thinking and positive lifestyle, it will give us to feel a peace of mind seeing how things are going well as

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