The Importance Of Strategic And Organizational Planning And Goals In Organizations

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In order to be an effective leader there are many needs and skills in order to be the most successful. One of the most important things a leader should do is properly organize and plan the goals that need to be reached in order to achieve the full potential of success. Strategic and organizational plans are the two main ways to achieve proper planning. Each have their own time and benefits to which they are most appropriate to use. Although there are other factors to be an effective leader, these are just a few ways to solidify leadership and the impact one can make within an organization.
The importance of developing plans to achieve organizational goals is so businesses or organizations can be clear about what it is trying to achieve. In
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Strategic plans are a way to give an organizations mission, objective, and strategy a direction by using action steps to attain goals. They are long term plans that can reach out to five years into the future. Strategic planning can be broken up into two parts which are developing the strategy and putting that strategy into action and to do this steps need to be put into place (Barnat, n.d.). This allows for a clear direction and goal that can be shared from the top down so each employee understands the impact of their role and how it contributes to the success of the organization. It is also helpful because a company can use this strategy to evaluate where they are being successful and where it needs more work. Operational plans are detailed plans on how strategical plans will be accomplished, done by using action steps towards achieving operational goals. These plans cover shorter time periods and a narrower area to deal with specific goals, therefore objectives are already known. At the start of an organization or company it is best for leaders to sit down and develop a strategic plan. This can set up the future success of an organization because it is during this time that a leader would determine what the important goals are and start to go line by line with understanding weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities in order to meet those goals. By making a strategic plan it helps to create a road map to details that may have been over looked by just winging it. An operational plan would be used once the strategic plan is laid out because it takes a deeper look into what details are needed to achieve the overall goal. It also would cover a narrower area therefore dealing with more specific details. For example, a company who is working on customer experience may develop an organizational plan for a team that has frequent customer interaction and

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