The Importance Of Speak My Language Please

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Speak My Language, Please! Through physiology and natural, cultural phenomena, everyone learns to communicate soon after one is born so they can survive in the culture in which one has to live; however, when they leave our culture and language behind, they are forced to learn a new language. Communication is key to surviving in any culture and if they do not learn the language of our new culture they will be dependent on others for succeeding at the smallest tasks, like finding a restroom or hospital. On the other hand, not all people have the capability to learn a new language because their brains do not function in a way that allows them to easily learn a language. Whether one can learn to communicate in new cultures or not depends on the person, and their extended network of friends, family, and peers. When one decides to start a new beginning by moving to a …show more content…
Learning the language is one step that immigrants could take. Most immigrants come to America to start a new life and are in search of a new life that will include finding jobs. Learning English would help them find the jobs will need to be in their new life. What immigrants do not realize is that many jobs in America require one to speak English. It is true that “immigrants who do not speak English are generally “pushed down the occupational ladder” (Kossoudji 1). English speaking immigrants would be hired for the better jobs because of the fact they speak the American language, English. Immigrants who learn English would not just better their chances of success, in America, but it would better their families’ chances as well. As Abraham Morales who learned the English language wrote, “Learning how to speak and write English helps us not only to survive, but to advance as well” (1). Immigrants need to realize that learning the language could make

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