Social Work As A Career Essay

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The choice of social work as a career was inevitable. Being reared in a family of helpers it would seem that I would have embraced a career as a helper, however I actually wanted a career in business. Although I was passionate about helping others, I thought I would do that in my spare time not as a career. Looking back there were several contributing factors to my choice to become a Social Worker, my up bring, my personal experience and my personal struggles/ convictions . All of these factors directed me to the career in social worker. A foundation of being a helper to others was in my DNA. I did not realize my formative years spoke to who I would become. I viewed my actions as just being a good person or doing my Christian duty.
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I began to notice a pattern with the people we encountered. They seemed to have a limited perspective about their situations. It seemed they did not know they had other options, they did not realize they did not have to fall victim to the social stereotypes. Or should I say, logically they knew they could take control of their lives, yet they did not feel empowered to manage their lives. However, with encouragement and personal support several of these women received education and entered the workforce. Of course I did not interact with the adults, however as time progressed I did interact with age appropriate people and shared information and tools to those who would accept. Everyone was not open to the possibility of change, some chose not to change their situation. I was naïve; I assumed people were in their situation because they did not know they had obtainable options; that was not the case. Some people are fine with their situation they do not want change they just want someone to listen. This was one of the main reasons I resisted working as a social worker when I was younger. I knew I could not change people; I could only provide support and information it is the person’s choice to fight for change. It is not easy watching people forfeit a positive change because of fear. Soon I learned it was more than fear that kept some people in a negative situation. The social service system was not providing the necessary assistance for mothers to move

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