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Social Media Sites and Text-Messaging
The recent advancement in technology has led to new developments such as the social media that has altered how people interact. Some of the common social media and text messaging sites that are frequently used include Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram. As noted by Watkins, these sites have been used widely particularly by youths for the development and establishment of relationships. Most, people are currently more socially connected than they have ever been in the past. Contrary to the common notion that these sites foster isolation and solitude, social networking sites and text messaging have made it easier for people to keep in touch with each other than before. Despite the associated
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They further argue that people get a false impression that such relationships are real. Such fantasies have made people isolate themselves from their families and relatives and focus more on maintaining online relationships (Mangold, Glynn and David 59). However, this is often harmful. For instance, previously, spouses bonded and held uninterrupted conversation with each other during meal times. However, this is not the case today since such conversations are often interrupted with texting and chatting on social media. As Lenhart observes, as social beings, humans do not fare well when they are in solitude. Social media sites an integral role in minimizing loneliness since when bored one can chat with online friends. As such, social media sites and text messaging platforms make it possible for people to keep in touch, particularly relatives and friends who are far apart from each other. A number of scholars are in support of the usage social media and text messaging. Some have argued that social media sites bring people together regardless of ideological, race or nationality …show more content…
Such addictions have harmful effects. For instance, based on recent studies, the social media has been blamed for reduced productivity in most workplaces. Additionally, the overuse of social media has greatly affected the quality of physical interaction. Cacioppo, Fowler and Christakis also observed that lonely people tend to establish links with other people who are lonely too. Such people find themselves looking for companionship over the internet rather than mending the relationships with those close to them. In short, such people give precedence to virtual friends who are physically absent over those who are physically present. Due to addiction, most people usually consider their phones or personal computers to be their confidants - where they can find hope and companionship. Such people find themselves spending most of their time texting or browsing through internet even when in the presence of

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